Easy Steps to Pair Spotify – Spotify.com/pair

Spotify is a renowned music platform designed for desktops, smartphones, and audio outputs in our various homes.

As each day passes, it becomes easier to use the services of this popular platform that rose through the ranks to become arguably the best music service provider.

You don’t need to listen to music via your desktop Spotify app. Instead, you can use spotify.com/pair to send your tunes over Wi-Fi to any audio output in your house. Yes, it is that easy. All you have to do is connect and pair.

The question on your lips is probably how to pair with your output devices. Read on to learn more.

How to Pair Spotify – Spotify.com/pair

Follow steps to below to pair Spotify 

  • Get a smartphone, desktop, or any other hand-held devices
  • Get an output device that is compatible with Spotify, e.g., a speaker
  • Launch the PREMIUM Spotify app
  • Select any song of your choice and hit “play.”
  • While it plays, check the bottom of your screen for “Now Playing” and hit the “Devices Available” icon.
  • On hitting the “Device Available” icon, you’ll get a list of devices, pick one of your choices and connect safely.

Spotify App – spotify.com/pair

This is a prominent application built in the mold of Apple’s AirPlay technology. The Spotify app works perfectly over a Wi-Fi network and tethers with compatible wireless output devices to stream your music with no interruptions of any sort.

Compatible Audio Output Devices

You must know that not all audio devices have the universal support to use a Spotify app to stream music. The app is compatible with over 300 wireless audio devices from 80 different brands.

The compatible devices range from dongles and stereos to massive AV amplifiers. However, you can only connect one device at a time. You can check the audio device’s manual on the manufacturer’s website to be sure of its compatibility with Spotify.

Premium Subscription

You will need a premium Spotify account to send tunes to your output devices. This option is not available on the free subscription. The premium subscription is £9.99 monthly, and it features ad-free streaming, unlimited skips, and extreme quality streaming. Go to Spotify.com to create an account, make a premium subscription, and enjoy your music.

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