Minecraft Remote Connect – aka.ms/remoteconnect

aka.ms/remoteconnect is a website that allows to play Minecraft game with other players with of course devices other than theirs. It enables the users to play the game on various platforms such as PS4, Nintendo Switch or your Xbox. All you need to do is to login with your free Microsoft account and you are good to go.

Setting up of Microsoft Remote Connect on Xbox one via Xbox Mobile App:

  • Go to aka.ms/xboxsetup from your Game Console
  • Register if not done, Then Login in to your Microsoft Account
  • Follow the Instructions popping on the screen and you have set up successfully.

Note: The above mentioned site works only on Smartphones.

Setting up of Cross Play Engine:

  • Download the Minecraft game from the Microsoft Store. (If you don’t have the game)
  • After Starting the game, Follow the instructions for setting up of cross-play with similar players

Setting up in PS4 or Nintendo Switch:

  • Head to respective Stores on the Consoles and download it if not using already.
  • Register with your free Microsoft account.
  • Visit the Microsoft Home page on the console and hit that option of sign in.
  • You will be redirected to the Remote Connection Login page
  • Copy that eight digit code for further calibrating the remote for playing the game
  • Head to the website from the beginning, on the browser on your Mac, PC, or even Mobile Phones.
  • Register with that eight digit code
  • Follow the upcoming instructions to finish the connection and enjoy playing.

What to do, if an error occurred while calibrating the remote

Most probable reasons for error can be following

  • Your game data can be corrupted, try reinstalling the game. And keep regular backups of yur game.
  • Frequent use of multiple devices can cause the sign in issues.

Removing the issues

  • If you’re are using the multiple devices, try using paid version of the game atleast on one of the devices.
  • Try login using Microsoft account while playing the game.
  • Make sure you are using the correct activation code. You can ever save the details for further use.
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The Issue of Xbox Crossplay

  • Visit the Xbox setup link – aka.ms/xboxsetup , to get the remote play code.
  • Use your Microsoft account for login and saving the required details.
  • Then use the link – aka.ms/remoteconnect to start remote play the game.
  • After entering the remote play code that you saved already or from the Xbox Screen, your game will automatically starts loading on the site.

This is all about the Minecraft Remote Connecting. Try using these steps if you are facing any challenges in setting up the account or remote. Troubleshoot yourself with these DIY steps and enjoy “Minecrafting”.

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